Sorting Tasks: Workbasket Wednesday April 2016

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It’s time for another Workbasket Wednesday.  We are in the home stretch of the year with testing and IEP season and all the other things going on, work systems become even more essential to our classrooms.  Our students have mastered a number of new skills and now they need to maintain them.  You also need a variety of tasks that students can practice their skills independently to keep them engaged and to counter the difficulty of testing.Workbasket Wednesday April 2016

So this month I chose some self-contained tasks that focus on sorting.  I like them because they are all one piece–the pieces to sort and what they are sorting into are all one piece.  They are made out of cardboard shoeboxes, baby food containers, and baby wipes boxes.  The first one sorts pictures of people by boy or girl.  The second one uses playing cards as an easy material because they are already durable.  In that one the students sort by numbers.

Sorting by boys and girls task for Workbasket Wednedsay


Sorting numbers with matching numerals to words work basket wednesday

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Building Independence through Structured Work Systems

Have some workbasket tasks you want to share (they don’t have to be assembly tasks)?  Link up below or share them on social media with #workbasketwednesday and copy me (@reeveautism on Twitter and @autismclassroomnews on Instagram).

Looking for more ideas on work systems and how they can be used?  Check out the links below for more posts.  And, I wrote about a book about them!  Click on the book to the left for an Amazon Affiliate link (see my disclosure policy for more information about affiliate links).

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