#TPTForward21: 7 Critical Fundamentals That Build the Audience for Your Products



Are you a TpT seller looking for ways to keep buyers coming back to you for more products? If you are looking to build your brand as one providing quality, value and consistency, this presentation can help you demonstrate that to your buyers.

Developing quality products is a key to success on TpT. By creating quality products that are aligned with teaching objectives and meet the needs of students, you are also branding yourself and your reputation as a Seller who helps make teachers’ lives easier.

In this video from the #TPTForward21 conference , I’ll show you the 7 critical fundamentals that every product should have in order to build your reputation as a Seller and resource creator. The 7 elements help your buyers come to know you, trust you and come back to you for future products.


  • Sellers looking to build their customer base around quality product
  • Sellers who want to show their customers exactly how much they offer in their products
  • Sellers who want their teacher buyers to know how much their products are worth


  • 7 Tips from a 10-year veteran seller who is also a commercially published author
  • Real-life examples of before / after renovations of my own products


  • 45-minute video of the 7 tips with examples
  • A Google Doc Fully Editable Template for Product Descriptions
  • Color PDF of the slides 2 to a page

Want to know more about me and my TpT journey and grab a graphic organizer outline of the presentation? Check out the preview!

This product by Christine Reeve is copyrighted for single classroom or caseload use only. This product may not be resold and can be copied for personal use within a classroom only. If you have questions, please email chris@autismclassroomresources.com © Christine Reeve

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#TPTForward21: 7 Critical Fundamentals That Build the Audience for Your Products