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Don't fear the data monster! Tame it. buy the book

Taming the Data Monster


Taming the Data Monster: Collecting and Analyzing Classroom Data to Improve Student Progress. . .

was designed to help teachers, therapists, direct care staff, and anyone else who takes data on either skill acquisition or reduction of challenging behavior.  While it has a focus on the type of data systems needed for special education and working with individuals with disabilities, general educators can also benefit from strategies to use in their classrooms, particularly when providing Response to Intervention (RTI), assessing challenging behavior, and collecting data on students included in their classrooms.

Questions to Ask Yourself . . .

  • Are you tired of having piles of paper with data that you don’t know what to do with?
  • Has most of the training you attended focused on taking data, but not an what to do with it once it is collected?
  • Have you struggled with how to fit data collection into your daily routine?


Don't fear the data monster! Tame it. buy the book

The Taming the Data Monster Book:

The book is designed around 3 case studies to reflect general education classrooms, special education classrooms, and programs serving transition ages and adults in the community and on the job site.  These 3 teacher will lead you through the process of decision making in choosing data collection tools that

  • collect the amount of data needed,
  • collect the type of data to solve a problem or answer a question,
  • summarize the data for meaningful analysis
  • use rules and principles to make decisions based on the data analysis,
  • organize data collection in your setting and situation,
  • and answer commonly asked questions about data collection and analysis.

The book also includes a link to download most of the forms (some excluded due to copyright) discussed in the book in both pdf format and Word format so that you can individualize them for your learners.

Brie Holtrop from Breezy Special Ed. says: “This book is truly amazing, a must-have for any educator! I’ve always taken data in the classroom but rarely felt it was productive or giving me enough information. This book provides so many examples and realistic ways to both take and interpret data that the task becomes more doable. I’m actually excited to take data now!”

*Dislaimer* The Amazon link is an affiliate link which means the cost is the same to you but it sends me a small commission for the sale.  The Amazon primary copy, at the time of this posting, is also more expensive than to purchase it through AAPC.

Meet Christine Reeve


From running Autism Classroom Resources, to creating teacher resources on TeachersPayTeachers as Autism Classroom News, my passion has always been about bringing special educators together and helping them serve their students in the best ways they can. I have spent the last 20 years working with a wide variety of special education programs as a behavior specialist, an administrator, and primarily as a trainer and consultant. Teachers should never feel like they teach on an island. I want to change that by providing a site where special educators can come together to learn ways to make their jobs easier, to support each other, and to put the excitement back in their teaching.

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