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Upcoming Autism Awareness Month–April

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Autism Awareness Month is quickly approaching so I thought I would just send out a post that reviewed some of my thoughts of how to try to recognize the need for both increased awareness and increased acceptance.  I also have some random blogkeeping details to attend to as well (skip to the end if you want to read those first).

For those who are new to April as Autism Awareness Month, it is a time when all of us in the autism community try to amp up the volume to help people know more about autism.  Given that we just had new prevalence data released indicating that one child is every 50 (yes, I said 1 in 50!) has an autism spectrum disorder, the time for spreading the word is now!  Some people focus on April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day but I feel there is too much work to do, so I stick with the more traditional month to get it done.
First, I will have several guest bloggers and interviews on the site over the next month.  These will include teachers serving students with autism in their classrooms reviewing strategies and curriculum/materials they use.  I also am planning a few book reviews on books related to autism.  If anyone has specific information about autism or related issues you would like to see covered, give me a shout out in the comments!
Second, I am going to be hosting a linky for products starting April 1 and lasting for a week (although the linky will continue to be available to follow the links.  The linky is going to focus on paid and free products that are good for working with students with autism across the spectrum.  It will allow bloggers and Teachers Pay Teachers sellers to link up their products throughout that week to serve as a resource for all the readers and teachers needing ideas and resources in their classrooms (or parents needing resources to work with their children at home).  I am excited that this will be a continuing resource for the blog readers to connect with resources as the populations in their classrooms change.  I’m also interested to see the variety of resources it results in.  If it works well, I may try to do another linky for free products only later in the month.  So check back April 1 and at the end of that week.
Third, I am throwing a sale at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  It will start on April 1 and last through April 3 and all items in the store will be 20% off.  And I just posted some new items and will be posting more in the next week, so check back for the sale.  I may do it more than once during the month…we’ll see how it goes.
Oh, and finally, check out the great Pinterest board that Peggy Simpson has put together and I am a collaborator for World Autism Awareness Day (April 2).  Lots of great pins from a variety of sources all related to or resources for individuals with autism.
So, I may come up with some more ideas between now and the end of April, but keep checking back for more updates and again, if anyone has any ideas to share, please share them in the comments.
Blogkeeping updates:
OK, if you are a fan of my Facebook page fans, there is a freebie up of role cards for small group work.  (This was to celebrate having 100 followers on the Facebook Fan Page–THANKS!)  We all know our students on the spectrum have difficulty determining what role to play or playing the one that fits the group.   This is a way to assign those roles to the group in a variety of ways.  Here is more information on how they can be used.  And here is the link to the Facebook Fan page if you want to like it to access the freebie.  It will also be a good way to keep up to date on sales and other goings on during the month!
And finally I wanted to thank everyone for your support of all my efforts here, on Facebook and on TPT.  The teacher community and autism community always continue to amaze me!

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