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We Made It to Winter Break (After Today)! New Year's Freebie!

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We Made It to Day 8!  Whoop Whoop!  Winter Break!  (With apologies to those of you who still have to go to work next week, you can leave me boastful comments on the other days you have off we don’t).  So, it’s Friday (or almost Friday) and that means that you don’t need many holiday activities anymore.  So to help you be ready to come back at the beginning of the year, this one focuses on New Years.  I really want our students to be able to participate in making new year’s resolutions, but often times it’s an abstract idea that they struggle with.  Some of you may recognize this if you have followed me for a while as a fan freebie from last year.  However, since it is no longer available, I wanted to share it with more people and I updated it for this year.

This freebie is designed to help students with developmental delays and disabilities, or limited language, to create New Year’s Resolutions. You can make a book from the title slide and pages 3-7. You can read the book with the class to talk about what resolutions are and discuss examples. Then students can complete page 8, What Is Your New Year’s Resolution? On this page, the students circle one word that they want to base their resolution on. If you want them to write more than one, they could circle more than 1 word.

Based on what word is circled, give the student the sheet from 9-14 that corresponds to that word. These pages can be used in a variety of ways. Each page has resolutions that correspond to the word in the sentence. Two of the choices can be edited in Adobe Acrobat. The students can cut out the resolution they choose and paste it in the sentence above.. You could also cut these off and give them other choices. Students who can write, could use the choices at the bottom as a word bank or you could cut these off and have them write without the cues.

Hopefully these templates provide a jumping off point for classes to discuss making new year’s resolutions. You can download it from my store by clicking the picture above or click HERE.


Thank you for your support and have a wonderful holiday!
Until next time,

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