Autism Adapted Vocabulary Books: Household Words BATHROOM FIXTURES (Special Ed.)



Students with autism will love these interactive books teaching receptive and expressive household items vocabulary.

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This set of 3 differentiated books using the same 7 vocabulary words targeting items found in the bathroom. The first version focuses on just identifying the vocabulary word by name. The second focuses on identifying the item when told a characteristic (e.g., feature, function). The third book focuses on identifying the item using 2 characteristics to differentiate it from other choices (e.g., blue rectangular appliance).

Vocabulary words in these books include:

sink, bathtub, shower, window, door, mirror, toilet

In addition to the 3 books included with visual supports, the package also includes a teaching program for discrete trials, a data sheet for the program, and extension ideas to enhance generalization of skills.

The books are differentiated to work with early learners of the skills and increase complexity through the books as the student masters the skill. They can be used in morning meeting and group story times as interactive books that reinforce these concepts.

They can also be used in discrete trials or PRT instruction 1-1 or in small groups to explicitly teach vocabulary. The books are set up so that teachers can use errorless teaching, to prevent errors, or error correction as is appropriate for the students. Within the packet is a sequence of steps for teaching the skill in discrete trials as well as a data sheet for tracking progress.

Finally, once mastered, these books can easily be placed in a student’s independent work tasks and they can practice the receptive vocabulary they have mastered to maintain it.

Students with autism and other language delays and disorders need explicit instruction in vocabulary beyond simply naming items. One way that we address this is to work on receptive and expressive characteristics of items and actions. Specifically we work on features (i.e., adjectives like color, size etc.), function (i.e., what we use it for) and class (i.e., categories it can fall into). This set of activities was developed to help students practice these skills in a variety of ways in addition to the explicit instruction of them.

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Bathroom Fixtures Adapted Vocabulary Books for Autism

Autism Adapted Vocabulary Books: Household Words BATHROOM FIXTURES (Special Ed.)