Calm Down Tools: Social Narrative Stories & Visual Supports for Self-Regulation



If you have ever worked with students who have difficulty self-regulating, you probably wish you could just tell them to calm down. This kit is designed to allow you to do that by teaching them the skills of why being calm is important AND HOW to achieve it. These 4 social narratives and visual supports are designed specifically to support your behavior management strategies and to teach students to manage their own behavior. Specifically, the tools will teach using a calm down routine to be ready for class, calming down when excited, and requesting a break.

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  • This kit is appropriate for all ages.
  • Works great for students with autism
  • Also appropriate for students with behavioral and emotional challenges
  • Most effective for students who need to practice self-regulation or learn to remove themselves from a situation appropriately (e.g., escape-function of the behavior)
  • Students needing to learn relaxation strategies


  • The 4 social narratives are useful for helping individuals to understand others’ perspective, share information about new or problematic situations, and provide coping strategies for maintaining appropriate behavior and social responses.
  • Each story is in a format with 1 idea and picture on each page and an identical story in which the whole story is contained on 1 page with a picture for each idea next to the line. Which one you use at what time will depend on the needs and developmental level of the student as well as the situation.
  • Visual supports matching the focus of the narratives


Social Narratives

  • Each in 1-page and 1 sentence per page formats
  1. I Can Ask for a Break
  2. I Can Stay in Control of Myself
  3. Staying Calm Before I Go to Class
  4. Staying Calm When I’m Excited

Visual Supports

  • Cueing a relaxation deep breathing sequence
  • A calm-down strategy for before entering class
  • Pictures for choice boards for activities during break time (including sensory, exercise activities, and reinforcing activities)
  • Multiple copies of break cards
  • Teaching Protocol for Teaching Requesting a BreakTips for Using the Tools

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Calm Down Tools: Social Narrative Stories & Visual Supports for Self-Regulation