Autism File Folder Activities for Special Education – Real-Life Concepts



Do you want to engage your students in a meaningful way while still teaching important life skills? Then this set of file folder activities is perfect for you! With pictures that are a combination of photographs and clip art, your students will be able to easily understand and relate to the material. Plus, the colorful and engaging pictures will keep them engaged and interested in the material. So save yourself some time and grab this set of file folders today!

Who Are They For?

These life skills file folders are great for life skills classrooms of any age. They work well for elementary ages and also middle and high schoolers working on functional vocabulary and matching words to pictures.

Use them in instruction or independent work. They also are great for para-run practice stations and to work on generalization.

What’s Included?

  • 7 Matching File Folders or 12 Matching Pages

Folders match picture-to-picture for:

  • community signs,
  • fruits,
  • vegetables,
  • fast food items,
  • meat, sweets/desserts,
  • furniture and
  • clothes.

Folders match word-to-picture for:

  • signs,
  • fruits and
  • vegetables.

Labels for 14 file folder combinations

What Skills Do They Address?

  • Matching picture to picture
  • Matching word to picture
  • Sorting by having different items on each side (e.g., fruits and vegetables; clothes and furniture; fruit and vegetables picture match to words).

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MATCHING REAL LIFE VOCABULARY FILE FOLDERS FOR AUTISM by Christine Reeve is copyrighted for single classroom or caseload use only. This product may not be resold and can be copied for personal use within a classroom only. © Christine Reeve

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