Reading Comprehension Functional Life Skills Unit Laundry – BUNDLE



This set of life skills lessons focuses on doing laundry. And it now includes a digital slides version for distance learning.

They include tools for functional reading comprehension and sequencing. The books and lesson plans are great for students in special education and life skills classrooms. More than just 5 interactive books, this set includes lesson plans, sequencing sheets, and comprehension task cards to work on a variety of real-life reading skills.

There are 370 pages of activities designed to work on functional skills (laundry) that can be used alongside real-life activities. As the students do the laundry they can talk about the process from the books.

Included in this laundry functional life skills bundle:

  • 5 interactive / adapted books (Ways to do the Laundry, Doing the Laundry – an overview, Washing the Clothes, Drying the Clothes, and After the Clothes are Dry)
  • 44 reading comprehension task cards with and without picture choices. Questions are focused on what and where questions. Cards can be printed in 3 sizes (directions included)
  • 40 lesson plans (8 for each book-4 for whole group and 4 for explicit instruction)
  • Sequencing strips and templates for 4 books with sentences identical to the text and designed for students to put in order and retell the story. They can also be made into matching file folders. Directions included.
  • Potential IEP goals for AAC use, vocabulary, literacy and reading comprehension.
  • Extension activities for independent work, progression of instruction
  • Book cover visuals for morning meeting choice boards or schedules
  • Answer keys and student response forms

Set your students up for success with these easy to use Google Slides that are interactive with pieces you can drag and drop for task cards, sequencing and interactive books. 

❤️You will LOVE using these functional life skills resources in your classroom. With detailed lesson plans for explicit instructions, and functional reading books and activities for group work and independent work, your students will gain valuable life skills. 

With 5 interactive functional reading books, along with tools for students to practice a variety of comprehension skills, your students will gain independence as they combine life skills with real-life academics. 

❤️Your students will LOVE these functional life skills (laundry) resources because they enable your older students to read engaging content for their age, as they are written at a 2nd grade level but have characters that are teens or adults. 

 ✅See the preview for examples, pictures and the listing of the vocabulary included in each book.

What teachers are saying…

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “The students enjoyed this resource and were all very engaged in it. This resource is also very easy for the teacher to use and supplement lessons. I love that it is so all encompassing and fits so well into the weekly lesson plans. Thank you so much!” – Thora N.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “This was a well developed and organized resource on the life skill laundry. I loved the interactive books with visuals, great for my students! The task analysis/sequence were well written. I also love how it was differentiated where pictures and words were paired as well as just words! Thanks for taking the time to create this!” – Tara E.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I love how comprehensive these interactive books are! We teach a lot of functional life skills and it really helps when the pictures are real life pictures!” – Karyn K.

These books include visuals to work with my morning meeting starter kits:

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Functional Life Skills Interactive Books Laundry Series

Reading Comprehension Functional Life Skills Unit Laundry – BUNDLE