Counting Templates Freebie

I am just popping in with a little freebie for Sunday night.  Remember those templates I shared in my Workbasket Wednesday post?  The counting templates like the one below?

Some folks asked if they were in my store and while I may build them into a larger product later, I took what I had an expanded a bit to create a freebie for you all.  You guys have been so great with the blog, comments, Facebook community, and my store, I thought this might be a nice pick-me-up for Sunday night.  There are 4 of the templates like the one in the picture above (penny, nickel, dime, quarter), there is one with 50 pennies for rolling coins, a set of 1-5 crayons and another set of 1-5 pencils for teaching both counting and using for jigs for packaging tasks.  You can learn more about how I use them here.  Download the freebie HERE.

Until next time,

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