Day 4 of the 8 Day Countdown to Winter Break: Foldable Freebie!

Welcome to day 4 of the 8 day countdown to winter break!  This one is for anyone who has students working on money and using the next dollar strategy.  I’m excited because I’ve been experimenting with some different formats of materials.  These are foldables.  They fold up like a matchbook and the students the students construct them and then complete them.  If you use interactive notebooks, they can be implemented into them as well.  The picture below will give you more information about them.

I included a black and white copy and color version so you can have the students color them or provide them already in color.  You can also use the color version to quickly create a model for the students to see.  Below are two examples.  One has prices below $5, one up to $10 and one has 2 items above $10.

I’m always looking for new ways for students to practice materials.  Click the picture below to download the freebie and let me know what you think about them!  Then come back tomorrow and pick up the next freebie.  Not even I know what it will be yet.  

Until next time,

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