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3 More Common Behavioral Issues to Address With Visual Cues

Behavior Support | September 19, 2021

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3 More Common Behavioral Issues to Address With Visual Cues=

Last week, I started talking about behaviors you can address in your classroom with visual support tweaks. I continue that this week with even more common behavioral issues that can be eliminated with visual cues. I know that at this point in the year, you really don’t have time at all. So I also provide a free download to help you implement some of the solutions I discuss in today’s episode.

1:06​ – Addressing the lack of clean up by students or staff at the end of an activity

1:53 – A visual cue solutions for off-limit areas or activities

2:24 – Next thing to keep in mind for after you implement visual cues

2:31 – A free visual resource you can use

2:43 – How to deal with distractions in the classroom for your students

3:24 – Why you’ll want feedback from outside your classroom to double-check this

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3 More Common Behavioral Issues to Address With Visual Cues

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