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Ep. 13: How to Write Useful FBA Hypothesis Statements

Behavior Support | November 10, 2019

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Highlights of This Episode

  • Download a free graphic organizer (below) for writing FBA behavior hypotheses that will lead directly into your behavior support plans.
  • Learn how to organize your summaries from your ABC data and indirect information into a hypothesis statement that will help you write your behavior support plans.
  • Learn how to draw conclusions about the functions of behavior that go beyond single words to detailed statements that lead directly to intervention.
  • See the samples below of hypotheses statements that are reviewed in the episode.

We’re now moving into Step 3 in our 5-step process of meaningful behavioral support and that is developing our FBA hypothesis statements. Now keep in mind that a hypothesis is a best guess. We don’t know that this is what’s actually driving the behavior until we confirm our hypothesis and I’ll be talking about that later in the series and how we can do that.

Why Hypothesis Statements Matter

Writing FBA hypothesis statements is critical to the success of the intervention plan because they should lead you to your behavioral solutions. We want to make sure that when we are developing our hypothesis statements that we are clearly tying them to the data that we’re not getting lost in our interviews and things like that. We want to make sure that we’re accounting for that interview and that less objective information, but that we are making sure that our data is solidly supporting our hypothesis. That’s why we took it.

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How to write useful and meaningful FBA hypothesis statements like a pro with a free download

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