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Ep. 12: Make Sense of Your FBA Data

Behavior Support | November 3, 2019

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Highlights of This Episode

  • Overview of considering the whole student in the FBA assessment–putting setting events, antecedents and consequences together with who the student is
  • Suggestions of ways to graph your ABC data to analyze it (see illustrations below)
  • Examples and tips to draw conclusions from the FBA data

So you took your ABC data that we talked about in Episode 10 but now you have all this FBA data and you have to figure out what do with it. This is the episode that can help get you started with analyzing that data. In our next episode I’ll talk about how to integrate all your information collected (e.g., interviews, checklists, and data) into hypothesis statements. And I’ll talk about how to write hypothesis statements that will lead directly into your behavior support plans. But first…let’s talk about analyzing your ABC data.

We’re moving from Step 2 to Step 3 of our 5 Steps to Meaningful Behavioral Support. And throughout this process I’ve talked about the fact that we really need to focus on our student as a person. And the more that we know about them, the more that we’re going to be able to develop a behavior support plan that really meets their needs. I want you to think about our antecedent behavior consequence relationship. And we talked early about that in terms of taking data.

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How to make sense of your FBA data like a pro [background picture of data sheets]

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