Digital Picture Schedules for Distance Learning in Special Ed with Google Slides



Whether you are looking for schedules to use on mobile devices or teaching with distance learning, these digital picture schedules will fit your needs. Created with moveable pieces in Google™️ Slides, these 6 types of visual schedules will help students stay on track with school work, chores, daily living skills and routines, and functional skills at home.

⭐️Do not purchase these if you are part of the Special Educator Academy as it is included in the Home Instruction Toolkit.⭐️

⭐️This product is part of the Home Teaching Toolkit for Teachers.⭐️


These boards are perfect for students of any age who benefit from using visual schedules with pictures. The schedules are designed to be used with distance learning, but could also be be projected on an interactive whiteboard or used with mobile technology like phones, iPods or tablets in the classroom.


There are schedule pieces and boards for:

  • Schoolwork at home
  • Brushing teeth
  • Getting dressed
  • Morning routine (including shower, bathing)
  • Doing the laundry
  • Washing dishes (with and without a dishwasher)
  • A link to a video to explain how to use them


  • All the boards and schedules on Google Apps for easy transfer to students’ home
  • Send just the slides you need for each student so as not to overwhelm families with too many choices
  • Pieces are moveable so that custom schedules can be made with different activities/steps
  • Pieces can be resized to fit more or less on each board
  • There are landscape and portrait-oriented boards to put pieces on so that you can choose whether your student follows top-to-bottom or left-to-right.
  • Schedules can be used on tablets or phones as well as the computer (or you could print them out)
  • Premade schedules included for most

All pages are included in Google™️ Slides for easy remote instruction. The links to Google™️ Apps for use with Google™️ Classroom are included in the PDF you receive when purchasing. You will download a PDF with links and instructions and then access the Google™️ Slides from links.

Download the preview to see all the visuals.


This product is copyrighted to Christine Reeve for use in one classroom or caseload. They may not be copied for additional classes without purchasing extra licenses. For bulk discounts, please email me at chris@autismclassroomresources.com

Digital Picture Schedules

Digital Picture Schedules for Distance Learning in Special Ed with Google Slides