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Top Twelve Tools of a Successful Autism Classroom #9

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Number 9 on our list is clipboards. I’ve tried to run a classroom without clipboards, but I have found it extremely difficult. Clipboards can be used for so many different things.

1. Data collection. First, clipboards are the easiest thing to hold data sheets for taking data, for storing data around the classroom, etc. For this purpose, I also recommend velcroing the pen to the clipboard and I’ve been known to velcro the clipboard to the wall.

2. Schedules. Clipboards are great holders of schedules. They can hold paper schedules or lists as well as manipulative schedules like the one at the bottom of the picture. 

3.  Choice boards.  Clipboards also are excellent surfaces for holding visuals for choice boards, communication boards, and other communication supports.  They hang on a hook, you can velcro the pictures right on the board, and they are easy to carry around.
4.  Token boards.  Clipboards are also great surfaces for token systems.  Again, you velcro the tokens right on the board and you can hang it on the wall right where you need it.
In general, I would recommend having 2 clipboards per student and at least 1 for each group activity on the schedule.  I can usually find them for about $1 in Walmart and sometimes can find them in the dollar store as well.  What else have you used clipboards for in the classroom?  Please share in the comments.

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