Art Choice Visuals in Action: Scrapbooking

I just ran across this picture in my collection and thought I would share how we used the Art Visuals for Autism: Choice board (free over at my TPT store) in a middle school classroom we set up.  We were looking for age-appropriate art activities that worked on a variety of skills for students whose developmental level was pretty low but also varied across the class.  It was a self-contained classroom and we decided that we would have the students make scrapbooks.  Scrapbooks have a variety of good applications in the classroom. First the students typically love them because they get to see pictures of their friends and family.  The teachers love them because they can be used to teach a variety of skills.  So for this class, they were working on following instructions, making choices, identifying pictures of friends and classmates, communicating for materials, and even telling about the pictures they were using.  We had a student with limited mobility using a switch to name the people in the pictures and using an adapted switch to operate battery-operated scissors.  We had students with autism learning to tell facts and information about people in the pictures and retelling events that the pictures are about.  And we had everyone using visuals to either cue language to make requests for materials or using it to exchange the picture for the item or color they wanted to request.  Some students also worked on writing about the pictures (i.e., journaling).   The students also really love it because when the scrapbooks are done, they become a great leisure / literacy activity for them to choose during their choice time in the room.  The choice board you see in the picture is what is included in the freebie on TPT and can be used as a point board or an exchange board.  You can lessen the number of options or choices, as well, to make it easier to use.  Has anyone out there done scrapbooking with their students?  How did it work and what did you address?

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