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This is a long delayed follow up post to the one introducing the Unique Learning System (ULS). Sorry it’s a bit more delayed than I had planned.  [Disclosure–I subscribe to two levels of the ULS that I pay for. They have not provided me with access free, but they did give me a great t-shirt today when I talked with them.]  I had the amazing opportunity to talk with the folks from ULS this week at the Autism Society national conference (see my post from last year for reasons why this conference is worth attending).  Throughout the conference, as I listened to presenters talk about the importance of aligning curriculum to the common core in education, it became increasingly clear how much products like the ULS are needed for teachers to be able to do this for our more complex learners. ULS continues to work to expand their offerings within the same subscription to provide more for what you get.  They have added a preschool age band for the upcoming year and continue to develop resources for teaching basic concepts in the classroom.  As the use of ULS grows across the country, resources available to supplement the use of the curriculum continue to grow as well.  This post is designed to share some of those resources.  If you have more, please add them in the comments.

In a recent search I found a wiki that serves as a file and idea exchange for teachers (including smart board templates) and a Boardmaker Share group designed for ULS users to share materials they have made to supplement the lessons.

The video below demonstrates the use of Classroom Suite for interactive technology with ULS.  Classroom Suite is a software by Intellitools and they have developed lessons that accompany the ULS lessons for each theme.  The video is of a talk given about the integration of the two tools to increase interactivity based on the core curriculum.

Along the lines of interactivity, there are also some ULS lessons that have been developed and shared on SMART Exchange for Smartboards.  N2Y indicates in its discussion boards that they are working on an iPad app for using the Unique, but I have been able to use it on the iPad for sharing the books with students and for the assessments.  It allowed us to take the assessment to the student and assess them in short bursts without having to transition to the computer area of the classroom to do so.  The students were also very engaged in the assessment and may have performed better with it because of the iPad.

I will try to keep you updated as changes occur with the ULS and remember, if you haven’t tried it yet, you can preview and use the summer curriculum for a brief time more by registering here.  Keep in mind that the ULS will not be your only curriculum used in your classroom.  You will still need scientifically based reading and math curriculums and may need specialized functional or developmental curricula.  I will focus on some of those in combination with ULS in a future post.

My next post will focus on organizing the many materials and resources from ULS in your classroom.  In the meantime, if you have used ULS, please share your thoughts in the comments.

9 thoughts on “More Unique Learning System Resources”

  1. Hi I have only been using ULS for about 6 months. I love using it with my students. They really enjoy it also.

  2. Hi, I've been teaching high school SDC for 4 years and never had a formal reading curriculum. I just mix and match different things like News-2-You, ALL, Reading A-Z/Raz Kids, Liguisystems Functional Vocabulary, Simon Sounds it Out, etc. with varying degrees of success. I am interested in using ULS, but you mentioned it should be used alongside a "scientifically based" reading curriculum. What curriculum would you recommend for high school, and how would you balance it with ULS? Thanks, Josh

  3. Hi Josh! Thanks for reading. There are a couple of choices for scientifically based reading curricula for life skills students. I love the Functional Reading Edmark Series that focuses on grocery words, job words, restaurant words and signs. It brings in environmental print. The PCI reading series also has environmental print and I know people who have liked that–I haven't used it. We have been using Failure Free Reading with some students as well but I don't know if it would be right for high school, but it might be worth Googling it to find out more about it. It has more comprehension in it than the Edmark I believe. Then I would use the ULS to supplement those reading lessons by practicing reading the materials and leveled readers. I hope that helps. Unfortunately the high need for individualization with this population does make it difficult. 🙂


  4. When you have spoken to ULS have they mentioned tying in a science based reading curriculum? I know with copywriter and all but maybe one would be willing to merge with them?
    Just an idea .


    Sorry I don’t have regular contact with the folks from ULS. I just use and have reviewed their curriculum.

  6. I am a principal of a non public school for student with severe disabilities. I am looking for more opportunities for my student with physical disabilities who are using augmentative communication to have access to more appropriate curriculum. These students are very bright and understand ALOT however it is difficult for them to move due to their physical disability. Would Unique Learning systems be appropriate for them? We have a smart board and they have access to switches. Do Unique work with scanning and switching?? Thank you for your help!!!


    I think it would be good, but I really think if you contact them they would be happy to talk to you about it. If the students are on alternate standards I Think there are tons of things you can do with it.

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