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3 Behavioral Complexities of Students with High Functioning ASD

Behavior Support | January 17, 2021


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In our last episode I kicked off a series on challenging characteristics of students with high functioning ASD. Typically they are students who range from average to gifted in cognitive abilities.  However, they still can present their teachers with a wide variety of challenges. And they struggle with a number of challenges in their learning.

Highlights of Behavioral Complexities of High Functional ASD

3 Complexities of High Functioning ASD Affecting Behavior. Listen at #acrpodcast

In today’s episode, I’m going to talk about 3 behavioral complexities that these students with high functioning ASD present.  I’m going to focus on the why of these behavioral challenges. Because when you understand the challenges that face students with autism, sometimes it becomes a little clearer. After all, behaviors that look like one thing (e.g., defiance or noncompliance) may really happen because of something else (e.g., difficulty understanding the direction or overwhelming anxiety).  

Grab the links in the resources for ideas about how to address some of these issues.

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EPISODE 65 3 Complexities to Behavior of High Functioning Students with ASD #ACRPodcast Listen or read at

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