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How to Help Students Who Meltdown With Change and Minor Events (Ep 66)

Behavior Support | January 24, 2021

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In last week’s episode (episode 65) I talked about students with ASD who overreact to the smallest of events, often involving change or small problems. I typically call it catastrophic reactions to trivial events. Often these students melt down, but sometimes they also shutdown or give up. The significance is that they overreact to events that are not in line with their reaction.

In other words, the events are not seen as a significant event to us, but they are seen as devastating by the student. For instance, students who misspell a word, tear up their paper and refuse to continue the assignment. Another example would be a change in the daily schedule. Or a change in who runs an activity.

Deandre made a mistake on his math paper, erased so hard he tore the paper, balled up his test, threw it away, broke his pencil and gave up. If you have met a student like him, solutions in this episode might help. Click to Tweet

Highlights of Episode 66: Strategies for Handling Change

  • Hear 4 case descriptions of students who struggle with overreactions to minor events or changes that ruin their (and their teachers’ days with solutions for addressing them. For instance, meet Brett who struggle with other students being absent and second grader Deandre who makes a simple mistake and sabotages all his hard work. And find out strategies to help.
  • Learn strategies that can be used to prevent meltdowns relating to change or other minor events as well as strategies for long-term teaching how to cope with them.
  • Grab a free tool to use in your classroom to use with students who struggle with schedule changes.

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