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3 Ways to Improve Work Efficiency in Your Classroom (ep. 61)

Families and Coping | December 6, 2020

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If we have ever needed to improve work efficiency in the classroom, this year is it. You need to be able to get work done quickly and save some time for yourself and your family. But, I know most of you are always feeling like there is more to be done.

Work Efficiently to Improve Self-Care and Avoid Burnout in Special Ed

Highlights of Episode 61

In this episode I’m going to talk about 3 ways that I’ve recently reminded myself of to help improve your work efficiency in your classroom. This is part of self-care. You can’t take care of yourself if you are overwhelmed by the demands.

And yet I know that many of you are like me. You want to do everything. And you can’t do everything. So we have to prioritize to what needs to be done. But we still need to get them done efficiently or doing 1 thing will take up all your time.

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Does This Sound Like You?

Can you relate to the following descriptors or find yourself saying the following?

  • You’ve been working on lesson plans for the last hour and you realize you haven’t finished day 1.
  • You secretly hate to look at your to-do list because it just goes on for days.
  • The list in your head of things your kids need is 5 times the things you wrote on your to-do list.
  • You spend all your free time working, and you still feel like you aren’t done.
  • Or you just feel frozen and don’t know where to start again to get things done?

If this sounds like you, hopefully these 3 strategies will remind you of how to increase your work efficiency.

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