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Building a Strong Collaborative Atmosphere for Everyone at Your IEP Meeting

Leadership & Collaboration | June 6, 2021

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I’m continuing my series on IEPs (and how much we love or don’t love them). Today, I focus on building a collaborative atmosphere at an IEP Meeting and want to talk a bit about perspectives. To start off the episode, I read a social narrative written for the IEP team, then cover what to avoid from the family’s point of view and how to make them feel comfortable during the meeting.

1:03​ – The perspective everyone is meant to bring into the IEP meeting

3:34 – Obstacles in the IEP collaboration process for parents and students

7:44 – Ways to make families feel more comfortable during the meeting

It’s very important in the collaboration process that we’re putting ourselves in each other’s shoes and trying to take each other’s perspective. We all have different viewpoints and can come up with better solutions, but we have to work together to make it happen.

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Building a Strong Collaborative Atmosphere for Everyone at Your IEP Meeting

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