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Must-Have Tips to Be an Awesome Advocator for Your Students

Leadership & Collaboration | June 13, 2021

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Must have tips to advocate for your special education students

I’m excited to share with you an episode from a Special Educator Academy podcast I’ve pulled specifically for this IEP series. One of the things I think is extremely important but sometimes difficult to do is advocating for your students as an educator. Many times we’re their voice and know them in the classroom environment at a level that neither the administration nor their families do.

But advocating for students can sometimes feel a little dicey when you’re faced with parents or administrators who don’t agree with what should be done. I recorded this episode a while back for the Academy members to give them tips on how to do this in a way that keeps you in good standing with your district while still serving your ethical responsibility to advocate effectively for your students. I hope you enjoy it and it gives you some ideas!

4:09​ – What advocating doesn’t always mean

4:45 – Tip #1 for advocating on behalf of your students

5:55 – Using your data

6:50 – Considerations when talking to your district

10:59 – Recognizing other perspectives, especially if there’s disagreement with the family

16:00 – Surefire way to get your district to mistrust you

19:44 – A quick recap of the tips

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Episode 79 Must-Have Tips to Be an Awesome Advocator for Your Students

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