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Teaching Implementation Plan: An Easy Road Map for Your Classroom IEP

Organizing & Setting Up Classrooms | June 20, 2021

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So far, I’ve spent the last few episodes talking about creating a collaborative IEP. So now that that’s done, you have to then actually implement the IEP. Start thinking about how to organize your learning environment and incorporate the IEPs for all of your students to meet their individual needs. It takes a well-structured, well-organized classroom design. Today, I discuss your teaching implementation plan (TIP) for the IEP.

4:10​ – What the TIP is and its objective

7:37 – How the TIP serves as a road map for your instruction

9:14 – How using the TIP makes your life easier

The Classroom Organization Results in Effectiveness (CORE) Model for Classroom Setup by Reeve & Kabot described in the podcast. The center triangle serves the core of the classroom or its structure. The Teaching Implementation Plan or (TIP) is part of this structure. Without this structure, the outer rectangles with evidence-based interventions would collapse without the center triangle with the routine classroom schedule, classroom zoning, individualized instruction, classroom management plan etc.

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