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Ep. 20: Teacher Self Care: Can a Break Make You a Better Teacher?

Leadership & Collaboration | December 29, 2019

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  • How taking a break improves your teaching.
  • Why taking a break is anything but selfish.
  • How self-care and stepping away can give you clearer perspective on your classroom.
  • and more

Teacher self-care. We hear that phrase a lot in education. Of course we do…educators have hard jobs. And special educators have really hard jobs. Right? Self-care is really critical to prevent burnout…we hear that all the time.

On the flip side, though, I’ll bet that at some point you have heard somebody talk about teacher self-care and thought..”yeah, other people need that. Not me. I’m good.” Maybe it seemed selfish to take time for yourself. Or maybe you thought that self care meant spa day…and that’s not for you.

What is Teacher Self Care?

Well, guess what? Self care doesn’t mean a spa visit (but if that works for you go for it). And it doesn’t mean just thinking only about yourself. It simply means taking care of yourself but also giving yourself time and granting yourself grace.

Do you ever feel selfish taking a break? This episode of the podcast is all about why you should never feel guilty for taking a break. I’m talking specifically about breaks during school vacations like winter break or summer. But it’s really true throughout the year.

Because here’s the truth. Not only can teacher self care prevent burnout, but taking a break away from work can actually improve your teaching. It can make you a better teacher.

Not only can teacher self care prevent burnout, but taking a break away from work can actually improve your teaching.

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