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How to Prep Your Classroom and Reduce Overwhelm with Visual Cues

Organizing & Setting Up Classrooms | July 18, 2021

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Graphics are good! Despite those who say otherwise, you can never have too many visuals. When you start putting a classroom together, it can feel a little overwhelming. How do you make decisions about where to start prepping without stressing yourself out? In this episode, I talk all about visuals and specifically focus on prioritizing the ones you need to include for a smoother teaching experience. Let’s talk about how to prep your classroom and reduce overwhelm with visual cues.

4:​31 – The first step to narrowing down decision-making

5:18 – What you need to consider when prioritizing individual schedules

7:28 – The critical items you must include to make student schedules work

8:12 – Systems I believe every special ed classroom should have

8:56 – Signs you need to have on-hand early on

10:29 – Schedules to think about beyond day 1

12:40 – Use this if you know you’ll have an issue with rules

13:33 – How to keep your student’s feet to the floor

14:03 – Visual cue ideas to keep your staff on track

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How to Prep Your Classroom and Reduce Overwhelm with Visual Cues

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