Summer Free File Folder Activity: Thank You #3

Free file folder activity for matching colors for all ages

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This week’s free file folder activity is designed for any age matching colors.  As you may know I am taking a little blogging break but wanted to leave you all some thank you’s for all of your support in the past year.  I will be back in July refreshed and introducing some new and exciting (I think) online activities as well as products!

In this activity, the student is working as a stocking clerk and has to match the shoes by color.  This provides a functional reason to learn colors so it can be used with any age.  It is similar to my Skating Rink file folder from the Winter Color Generalization Activities.

Free File Folder Activity for Color Matching Shoe Store for all ages

This set of materials is designed to help students generalize their ability to match, identify and name colors and would be great for preschool or kindergarten centers or in work systems for students with special needs.  The activities include photos and clip art in which student match the color to a colored item. However they could easily be used by a staff member to review receptive and expressive ID of the colors as well.  They include 9 colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, black, white, and brown) to coordinate with my Discrete Trial Colors Kit.

If you missed the first free activity you can find it here and the second one can be found here.  And check back next week for the fourth and last freebie!

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