Free Visual Supports for the Hokey Pokey: Summer Thank You #4

Free visual supports for music and movement with the hokey pokey

In my last week of a blogging break, I wanted to give away some free visual supports.  I love doing music and movement in classrooms to work on following directions, imitation, and get some movement into the day.  The hokey pokey is one type of movement activity that kids typically enjoy. It’s easy for them to do the movements and the directions can be as simple or complex as makes sense for the class.

I use these types of visual supports to show the students what movement to do when.  I laminate them and put them on a ring to flip them to show the students.  Holding and finding the visuals is also a great activity for any students in your class who are physically unable to participate in the movements.

Free visual supports for doing the Hokey Pokey

So click the picture above to download the visuals and look forward to more music and movement visuals in my store in the near future.  If you missed the other free activities click here, here, and here.  I’ll be back next week with some news.

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