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Money and Packaging Task: Independent Work Inspiration

Structured Work Systems | February 3, 2021

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This week’s Independent Work Inspiration task is a packaging task designed for helping students practice money skills. Students create money combinations to match prices. But they also have to put the amount in containers, opening and closing them.

Independent Work Inspiration: Material List

  • Small containers of any kind
  • Coins (I prefer real for the feel of them)
  • Masking tape, labels or post-its for prices

Money Packaging Task: Who is It For?

Generally, as a packaging task, I use this task for older elementary through high school students working on money and life skills. It’s kind of a precursor to vocational packaging tasks as well. Students learn to open containers, assemble the contents, and close them up.

Money Packaging Task

As a money task it is good for any age of student who is working on counting and combining coins accurately. You can modify the difficulty of the money part of the tasks by the number and denomination of the coins. For instance, it would be easier if there were all quarters. But it would be harder with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters.

Independent Work Inspiration Money Packaging Task Video

Tips for the Money Packaging Task

There are a few elements to think about in creating this packaging task. First, you can use any type of container depending on what type you have. But also consider what type of containers the student is able to open and close without assistance. I used these little boxes I found in a dollar spot in an office store. However, you could also use zip lock bags or pencil bags. As long as it opens and closes it will work.

Second, consider the student’s skill at organizing the coins and money. Keep in mind that there are multiple ways to combine the coins to make the same amount. So, just make sure that it doesn’t over complicate the situation for the student.

Third, you can easily adjust ease or difficulty of the task with the number of price boxes and the variability of the coins. For instance, lots of different coins to divide among many boxes will be harder than just quarters across 3 boxes.

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Independent work Inspiration: Money Packaging Task

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