Life Skills Math Task Box Idea: IWInspiration for Practicing Measurement

independent work inspiration-life skills math task--measuring rice

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This life skills math task box idea will be great for any students who need to work on measuring using measuring cups, spoons and other tools in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity for students to practice measuring dry ingredients (although you could add wet ingredients depending on the mess factor) using a variety of tools.

I really love this life skills math task because measuring is something I find students learn more successfully when it’s hands-on for them. Abstract worksheets are ok for practice, but they don’t substitute for actually using a measuring cup or a measuring spoon.

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As with most task boxes, you can make this task easier or harder with different tweaks.

  • You could start with just measuring by cups and then add in half, quarter and eighth cup measurements
  • You could use just measuring spoons or just measuring cups
  • Add in measurements that include both a measuring cup and a spoon (e.g., 2 cups and 2 teaspoons). I work with recipes that often include measurements like this.
  • Have the students add the measurements in the assignment and use measures (e.g., told to measure out 1/4 cup of rice and 1/2 cup of rice, means they should measure 3/4 cups of rice).
  • Use muffin tins (preferably with a lid) to have students put consistent amounts in each cup of the tin

Independent Work Inspiration: Material List

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Quick and Easy Measuring Task Box for Life Skills Math Large continer of rice with smaller containers and measuring cups and spoons.  Video Tutorial

These life skills math task boxes are great for your students to practice dry measurement in the kitchen with limited amounts of mess in their independent work system. Check the video tutorial. Click to Tweet

Life Skills Math Task Box: Who Are They For?

This set of task boxes will be perfect for students from elementary through adulthood. Any classroom working on life skills math with cooking and similar tasks will benefit from practicing accurately how to measure dry ingredients.

Office Work Task Box Video Tutorial

Tips for the Life Skills Math Measuring Task Box

Start students with just measuring spoons or measuring cups, depending on which you think will fit their fine motor needs better and which ones match the skills you ahve taught. As always, make sure that the student has mastered measuring the tasks before putting them in independent work. Want to know why? Check this post.

Students practice Measuring with rice and cups or spoons. Picture includes a large bin of rice with smaller sealed containers with masking tape used to identify how much of the rice (e.g., 1/4 cup) on the lid.  As well as the cups and spoons used to measure.

You need something to label the containers with the amount of rice or beans you want the student to put in the container. I used masking tape and a permanent marker because it was fast. You could use a label maker or use Velcro cards with different measurements to make it easy to change up the requirements regularly.

Students then have to use the cups and/ or the spoons to measure the amounts into the designated container and close the container. It goes into the finished area closed (here’s why). One of the primary reasons in this particular task is that you can check the student’s work easily when resetting the task by using the same measuring implement (i.e., spoon or cup) to put the rice or the beans back into the large container.

Finally, you may want to put a large sheet or some type of cover on the floor to catch the fallen rice or beans. Obviously sometimes this task can get messy and that can make clean up a bit easier.

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