3 Task Box Activities Perfect for Telling Time Practice

Task Box Activities for Practicing Telling Time

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In a previous post, I talked about strategies for teaching students to tell time, and today I want to focus on how are students can get in some telling time practice easily in their day. I’ve got 3 types of telling time practice activities that are perfect for task box independent work systems and a free one you can download and try.

As we all know, when we are teaching in a consistent, systematic manner, we need to make sure that our students are learning with explicit instruction, practicing what they have learned, and generalizing their skills. Task boxes in independent work systems make a great way to get that type of practice on skills they have mastered during instruction. They also can be used to generalize skills to new materials.

These tasks lend themselves well to independent work stations and are easy to use with little to no real prep work on your part. Plus they are easy to check to see that the students are doing them correctly. So, let’s get started!

**Click on any of the pictures to check out the full bundle-which lists the individual products shown in the post!**

File Folder Task Boxes for Telling Time Practice

Task Box Activities Perfect for Telling Time Practice Blog Post - File Folders or binders are great for matching analog and digital time. these include whole hour up to 5-minute matching tasks in the budle

As we all probably know, file folder activities make great task boxes for independent stations. They meet all the requirements of evidence-based independent work systems in that the amount of work is clear, the task itself is typically clear, and (with Velcro) they will stay together when put in the finished area. This allows you to check it, as well as helping the student know the task is complete and not repeat it.

These file folders include both analog and digital clocks, since students need to practice using both. They are also scaffolded so that you can choose the matching tasks fitting the skills that your students have mastered.

Time Matching Tasks: Matching analog and analog and digital to digital clocksw, matching time to analog clocks, matching time to digital clocks. 97 pages of matching tasks plus labels already differentiated by hour, half hour, quarter hour and 5-minute increments [picture of file folders and biner with clocks and watches showing digital and analog time

They are broken down into either file folders or binder pages that match either analog or digital clocks or watches to identical clocks with:

  • whole hours to whole hours
  • half hours to half hours
  • quarter hours alone
  • quarter hours, whole and half hours
  • clocks to 5-minute times

Students just starting to learn time can start with matching clocks to clocks for whole hours. And more advanced students can matching more specific times up to 5 minutes.

And, if you aren’t a fan of storing file folders, laminate the individual pages and store them in a binder.

Telling Time Practice Task Cards

I love Task Cards for Telling Time Practice because: 1. you can mix them up easily so they don't get memorized; 2. you can use different response tools like pens or bingo markers. And 3. You can choose just the number of cards (i.e., problems) that the student can complete in the allotted time.

Easy to Prep:

As you can see, I love using task cards for task boxes for so many reasons. One of the best is that they are really easy to prep. Cut them, laminate them, and use dry erase markers or clothespins to select the answers and they can last forever.

Work With Student Who Memorize Tasks?

No problem with task cards because you can mix them up each time. This keeps the task fresh and keeps students from just memorizing the answers in order.

Great for Differentiating

I also love task cards because they are easy to differentiate for different students. This set is scaffolded similarly to the file folders above with different times up to 5 minutes, starting at identifying times for hour times.

Telling Time Practice with Task Cards: 218 task cards to identify times up to 5 minutes, printable pages of task cards, Google Slides, Easel version (on TpT), Answer Key, Answer sheet. PIcture of task cards in print and on computer with watches and 3 multiple choice written times to choose from]

Plus, if you have a fast worker or a slow worker, just choose the number of task cards that the particular student needs to complete within their allotted time frame. Some students might do 10…others 5 depending on their fluency with the skill.

Using Worksheets for Telling Time Practice Task Boxes

Finally, worksheets are probably the easiest task boxes to prep because you can print them and go. Put them in page protectors and use dry erase markers and you can reuse them with no prep other than printing.

Worksheets make easy task box activities for tellig time practice.  And you can put them in sheet protectors to reuse them and not reprint.  There are 210 worksheets in this set--more than 1 per day for the whole school year.  [picture shows a worksheet with 10 multiple choice analog clocks with 3 choices of written times.  The worksheets are also available for digital clocks.

I also love worksheets for telling time practice because they give us a permanent product we can use for data collection. And, as I always say…if you can use work product, let’s do it. So much easier than us having to write down what we observe!

This set of worksheets has enough worksheets to practice 1 every day of the school year–and sill have some left over! They each have 10 multiple choice problems so the format is consistent. The problems change with the same scaffolding as above.

Want to Grab All the Practice Tools, Plus Instruction Tools? Check Out the Telling Time Curriculum Bundle

Grab the Teaching Telling Time bundle - buy all 8 products and save: Telling Time Worksheets, Telling time Instruction Kit, Telling time whole and half hour, Time to quarter hour Task Boxes, Time Task Cards to 5 minutes, Telling Time Hour to Half Hour File Folders, Telling Time Quarter Hour Binder pages or file folders, Matching 5 minute times to clocks file folders or binder pages

Grab Free Task Cards for Time to the Hour

Free Time Task Cards-12 Whole Hour Printable Task Cards. Picture of multiple choice task cards

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