Organizing Visuals: Video Replay & Announcement

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Pin Me! Organizing Visual Supports in Special Education Blab Replay from Let's Talk SPEDOrganizing Visuals Blab

We had another great blab this week with 5 special educators (Simply Special Ed, Superteach’s Special Ed Spot, You Aut-aKnow, and Breezy Special Ed all joined in) sharing all different tips of how we store and organize visuals!  Organizing visuals to me is kind of like cleaning….I just have to keep redoing it.  We all talked about the fact that we are endlessly looking for “the answer” to how to organize the visuals so they are there when we need them and we can find them quickly.  Lot’s of great information was shared with all different types of strategies by the presenters and the audience.  I shared a picture from a previous blog post on organizing visuals and I believe it will not show up in the recording.  I’ve listed the post under the video below.

Something New

And I have some exciting news to share for the blog.  I am starting a new series on leadership in the special education classroom.  I wanted to share some thoughts and ideas about how to work effectively with others.  Whether you are a first year teacher working with paraprofessionals or a teacher helping the teacher next door, a related service provider or a consultant / coach, I think there will be something for everyone.  I hope you will join me on Sunday, April 10 at 5 PM eastern (2 pm pacific) for a live Blab discussion to kick it off.  If you can’t make it, that’s OK…the replay will be up with a blog post on the first topic.  Then, I will be doing a live video Blab most Sundays with a new topic for us to talk about.  If you have preferences for the time, feel free to share.  Also, I can turn the Blab into a podcast with just audio (or you can have the video playing but just listen to the audio).  Leave me a comment if you are interested in listening to it as a podcast so I can judge whether to post it that way as well.

Haven’t Tried Blab?

It’s easy!  For Sunday’s meeting just go this link.  Or you can download the Blab app (or go to www.blab.im) and search for @reeveautism.  You sign in with your Twitter Handle and sometimes the website is a bit wonky in finding people.  So, if you go here you can subscribe to the show for Sunday.  

Looking for Thursday’s Let’s Talk SPED?  You can find them here.

Tonight’s Blab on Organizing Visuals

For the articles I shared on organizing visuals, this one has the 5 examples picture that I showed–that you probably can’t see in the recording.

Here’s the one for file folder pieces. with advice from Facebook Fans.

Here’s one that shows the Trapper Keeper approach I talked about about 3/4 of the way through the video.

Hope you enjoyed the video…are there other topics you would like to talk about? Shoot me an email or leave a comment.  And remember to come to the Blab on Sunday to kick off the new series!!

Until next time,

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