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2 Behavior Problems You Can Fix With Classroom Design

Behavior Support | August 29, 2021

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2 Behavior Problems You Can Fix With Classroom Design=

We’re almost at the end of our journey on classroom setup! We’re in the troubleshooting phase right now, but starting today I’ll be delivering snack-sized episodes that discuss making decisions about what isn’t working and discovering how to know what to change. In this episode, I talk about a couple of warning signs that show a need to fix your physical classroom environment and share solutions that should help as we talk about 2 behavior problems you can fix with classroom design.

2:00​ – Why students might be running around your classroom

2:50 – Ways to prevent your students from running in the classroom

3:57 – How some teachers solved a problem in this area of their classrooms

4:45 – The solution to your students leaving an activity area or table

5:08 – What to do if the solution causes your back to face the room

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2 Behavior Problems You Can Fix With Classroom Design

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