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4 Keys You Need to Improve Expressive Language and Communication

Curriculum and Instructional Activities | November 15, 2020

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Do you have students with goals to improve expressive language? If you work with students with ASD, you work with students who need to improve their communication. I’ve talked about receptive language in several other posts. But since our last few episodes have focused on students who are nonverbal, expressive language seemed to be the logical next step.

Let’s face it, we all want our students to talk. We know we need to improve their expressive language to do that. But expressive language is more complex than just talking. And in fact there are several key elements that we need to address in our instruction to help our students communicate effectively.

Highlights of Episode 59

Today I’m going to talk about the 4 keys you need to address in your instruction for expressive language. Expanding expressive language goes beyond just getting longer sentences or adding vocabulary, particularly for students with ASD.  In order to improve communication, we have to focus on how the expressive language is used. That includes increasing the reasons or functions of the use of language. You need to expand the situations in which the student uses expressive language. We should focus on initiating and independence of language. And finally we must expand the types of vocabulary.  

Plus, I have free quick tip videos in the dropdown post that demonstrate different strategies I talk about in this episode. I’ll link them in the resources below as well.

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4 keys you need to improve expressive language and communication

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