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EP 46: Distance Learning for Special Education: Working with Families

Curriculum and Instructional Activities | August 16, 2020

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In this episode, I share 3 strategies for working with families in distance learning for special education. I think we can all agree that the spring of 2020, when we started distance learning in special education in public schools was rough for families and teachers. Both rose valiantly to the situation, but everyone was pretty much building the plane as we flew.

Fast forward to Fall 2020 and many schools are facing that same choice. Whether we like it or not, distance learning is a fact of life for many families and teachers at the beginning of this school year. Given that distance learning for special education is here to stay at least temporarily, it’s important that we put arguing aside and figure out how to make it work. Because I know we can do better with it.

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How Do We Do Distance Learning for Special Education Better?

3 Tips for Working with Families in Distance Education for Special Ed

This is the question we need to be asking. And I can’t answer it completely in a podcast. But, I do know that in order for distance learning for special education to be better, educators and families are going to need to work together. We need to build our relationships with each other. We need to communicate effectively. And we must build in accountability if we expect special education students to make progress.

So in this episode I want to focus on how we start to do all of that. I’ve got 3 tips that can help special education teachers to make distance learning a more positive and effective experience by working with families.

Highlights of Episode 46

  • Three big, meaty tips for collaborating effectively with families and caregivers in distance learning for special education
  • Ideas for how to establish roles when collaborating with families in distance education
  • Ways to assure documentation for distance education of learning plans
Children are the priority. Change is the reality. Collaboration is the strategy. Judith Billings Washington state Superintendant

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Distance Learning and Families: 3 Tips to Make it a Success

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