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10 Things Special Educators Should Share About Their Experience

Families and Coping| Leadership & Collaboration | May 17, 2020

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Have you ever had a family who questioned your experience? If you are a teacher or related service provider, especially if you have been doing this for a bit, you probably have.

Think about it. You go to the dr.  An expert in their field.  You see diplomas and certificates on their wall, right?  Where do you see that in a classroom? How is a parent to know what your qualifications are? Or how to assess your skills?

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We are talking about parents who are entrusting their child’s care and educational future to you.  That sounds grand and dramatic, but it is true.  Because of that building a relationship with the family is incredibly important.  But that can only happen when there is trust…and you can start to build that trust by being ready and willing to answer questions about your background and experience.

Classrooms should look different from year to year because the children in them differ from year to year. However, that makes it even more imperative that the teacher can talk about her experiences, training and decision making process when talking with parents. Click to Tweet

So today I want to give you a framework to prepare to talk about these things. You can use this in the context of thinking about IEPs and getting to know new families for next year. Or maybe you are interviewing for new jobs for next year.  The same information is going to be helpful to an administrator interviewing you.  Nothing makes an admin more confident about an interviewee’s skills than them being prepared to share specific information with them about their past experience and training.

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