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The 3 Most Important Considerations in Choosing Replacement Behaviors

Behavior Support | October 24, 2021

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The 3 Most Important Considerations in Choosing Replacement Behaviors=

It’s that time of year when challenging student behavior starts cropping up and behavior plans get put to the test. When coming up with replacement behaviors, you can’t just rush your way through it and hope for the best, though. You need to carefully consider certain characteristics in the ones you choose. These three traits will make the difference in whether your plans work or not. So in this episode, I discuss more about replacement behaviors and making sure they’re effective in actually changing the way students conduct themselves in your class.

2:30​ – A quick explanation for understanding the truth of replacement behaviors

3:31 – The secret sauce that makes replacement behaviors work effectively

4:29 – The 3 must-have characteristics of efficient replacement behavior

5:43 – An scenario where replacement behavior proves inefficient and fails

8:09 – Illustrating an effective and successful replacement behavior

9:36 – The real beauty of this kind of functional communication training

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The 3 Most Important Considerations in Choosing Replacement Behaviors

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