TASN Webinar on Structured Teaching in the General Education Classroom

Webinar for Applying the Principles of Structured Teaching to the General Education Classroom. Video and handout materials available.

Today I’m going to share a webinar I did on structured teaching in general education with strategies for helping students who are included be successful.  But I have a few housekeeping details to take care of first.


I will be taking a vacation from the blog for the next few weeks so that I can come back strong in July with posts and videos for setting up classrooms.  However, I’m not leaving you high and dry–check back each Sunday for a free resource!  Some are ESY based and some are good any time of year, so don’t miss out on them.  I decided this was a good time because all of us need to use this time to recharge!  And you can follow along on my adventures over the next few weeks on Instagram!

Well as a testament to the craziness of the end of a school year, I completely missed Workbasket Wednesday last week!  I didn’t even realize I had missed it until after it had passed…June just snuck up on me!  So to make up for that, I am sharing a webinar I did for TASN (the Kansas Technical Assistance Network) that was a little different than what I usually share.

Structured Teaching in General Education Webinar

Webinar for applying the principles of structured teaching to general education classrooms. Pictures, video and handout of strategies to help structure environments to support students with autism.
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Making this webinar challenged me a little bit and I really liked the ideas I came up with. Many were ideas I had used in the past, but it encouraged me to really delve into floor plans for where kids with disabilities sit in general education classrooms and how to adapt those physical environments.

In it you will find ideas for how we can use the same structured teaching strategies (schedules, designing physical space, and work systems) in a general education environment.  So if you have students who are included, this webinar will hopefully be worth your time.  I’ve included lots of picture examples. You can find the original webinar here along with the handout / presenter notes.  I highly recommend checking out their site and resources–they have some amazing video and print resources and are truly a credit to Kansas’ support for individuals with ASD.

Just hit play to watch the video below.



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