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Challenging Behavior in the Classroom

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Addressing Challenging Behavior

Challenging behavior is often one of the biggest frustrations for special educators. The podcast series on addressing challenging behavior will walk you through the process of determining the function of the behavior and what to do about it. Blog posts can help you explore how to assess behavior and prevent it. And resources provide tools for implementing those strategies effectively in your classroom.

Specialized Resources


I Can Handle Making Mistakes Behavioral Toolkit with Social Narratives



Calm Down Tools: Social Stories and Visual Supports for Self-Regulation

Tools for Teaching


Punch-Out Reinforcement Cards for Behavior Management


Meet Christine Reeve


From running Autism Classroom Resources, to creating teacher resources on TeachersPayTeachers as Autism Classroom News, my passion has always been about bringing special educators together and helping them serve their students in the best ways they can. I have spent the last 20 years working with a wide variety of special education programs as a behavior specialist, an administrator, and primarily as a trainer and consultant. Teachers should never feel like they teach on an island. I want to change that by providing a site where special educators can come together to learn ways to make their jobs easier, to support each other, and to put the excitement back in their teaching.

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