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3 Reasons You Need Mini-Schedules in Special Ed

Organizing & Setting Up Classrooms | October 18, 2020

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Mini schedules are a type of visual schedule that often get forgotten in the classroom. We have so many visual supports that we sometimes think just the daily schedule is enough. We sometimes talk about mini-schedules as task analysis schedules or teaching schedules.  

If you have followed the blog or podcast for any length of time, you know I’m a huge fan of visual supports of all kinds. I also think that when things are changing rapidly, as they are in Fall 2020 when this was recorded, that increasing visuals can reduce stress.

What Are Mini Schedules?

Mini-schedules break down activities within the daily schedule. They can break the activities down in 2 primary ways. It could be breaking down the individual steps. So, a mini-schedule to wash hands that we use in many of our classrooms serves as visual support for the task analysis of the skill.

Morning Meeting Mini Schedule. 3 Reasons You Need Mini Schedules in Every Special Ed Classroom. Epipsode 55 Autism Classroom Resources Podcast
Task Analysis Schedule for Washing hands [sitting by a sink]. 3 Reasons You Need Mini Schedules in the Special Ed Class Episode 55 Autism Classroom Resources Podcast

A mini-schedule could also be used to depict shorter activities within a larger scheduled activity. For example, a morning meeting schedule that shows we are going to sign in, sing a song, and read a story

Highlights of Episode 55 Mini Schedules

Read the rest of the post or listen in the box at the top of the page. Grab the free download at the bottom of the page.

  • Find out why visual schedules are useful for more than just students with autism
  • Discover why we should use them in every classroom
  • Find out how they encourage nonverbal prompting
  • Mini schedules (and schedules) aren’t just for the students, they help staff
  • And find out how and why they help to build your students’ independence
If a student can go to the grocery store with a visual schedule but without an adult telling him each step, he is more independent, not less Click to Tweet

Looking for Mini-Schedule Visual Supports?

Those are just some ways that mini-schedules can help make students both faster learners and more independent at a variety of functional skills.  If you are looking for mini-schedules you can print and use, check out my mini-schedule bundle on TpT.  

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Pumpkin Mini Schedules. Shows 2 sets of mini schedules for carving a pumpkin and for going to the pumpkin patch

There are 2 mini-schedules included in this set, each with 5 different backgrounds.  Originally this free activity was for visiting the pumpkin patch.  However, in the fall of 2020, many aren’t making that field trip.  So I added carving a pumpkin. 

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3 Reasons You Need Mini Schedules in Special Ed #ACRPodcast Episode 55

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