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Ep. 1: Building the Teaching Team

Working With Staff | August 24, 2019

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In Building the Team . . .

  • Why building relationships shouldn’t be an afterthought
  • Areas of conversation as the teacher team gets to know each other
  • Ways to find the time to build relationships with little time together away from students

In addition to launching the podcast, todays episode launches a 5-part series on building teaching teams.  Over the years, one of the biggest issues that I see and hear most teachers struggling with is working with other adults.  Regardless of your role as a special educator, sometimes it seems the students are easier to work with than the staff.  So in this series, we’ll chat about how to build a team from the start, get everyone working toward the same goals, and automate the operations of the classroom to reduce stress.

In Episode 1, I’m focusing on building relationships with staff.  We take for granted this will happen, but we shouldn’t.  So I’ll talk about ways to make it happen well as well as how to make it work in a world in which there is rarely time for staff to talk without the students present.

My job has always been as a support staff, administrator or consultant. That means it was always my job to work with the adults more than the students.  So I know just how hard building teaching teams can be.

Working with teaching teams in the classroom, in particular, is difficult because often you are in the room with them for 6 to 7 hours per day.  You can’t give  feedback and then just go back to your corner office and let them absorb it.

So I want to help you by sharing some things I’ve learned over the years.  Essentially as a teacher in a special education classroom, you have to be a lot of things….and one of those things is being a teacher leader.  So consider this the beginning (or continuing) teacher leader series.


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