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How Do We Get Morning Meeting Right in Special Ed?

Behavior Support | January 2, 2022

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How Do We Get Morning Meeting Right in Special Ed?=

Confession time. Early on in my career, I hated morning meeting. I thought it was a complete waste of time and dreaded when anybody asked me to run it because I didn’t feel confident in my ability to do it well or make it fun.

Moving to South Florida changed that. I got to work with educators there who modeled circle and class meetings done right and ones where things didn’t go so well. In this episode, I want to talk about why group activities are so important and intimidate some educators.

3:06 – Skills that autistic students need to learn that morning meeting can provide

4:24​ – Why these kinds of group activities are important for students of all ages

6:47 – The necessity to teach in a respectful and relevant way, especially for older students

9:22 – How group instruction helps autistic students in the three areas where they have difficulties

11:10 – Some challenges that teachers face with group activities

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How Do We Get Morning Meeting Right in Special Ed?

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