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Preparing for School Closures in Special Ed

Curriculum and Instructional Activities | March 15, 2020

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Whether you are in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic school closure or are just experiencing school, closures due to a regular flu epidemic or extended weather closings, this episode will have tips for preparing your students to leave and return from school.  It also may give you some ideas of things to send home with students and ways to communicate with families during the hiatus.

I have two main areas I’m going to focus on today.  First I want to talk about how we can help support our students in general when there are unexpected changes and potential lack of structure.  This might be during a hurricane if you live in Florida where I do. Or it might be an extended absence from school for weather. Or it could be our current situation with Covid19.

Next I will talk about what we might want to send home or do to help families support our students during the break or what we want them to implement for learning over that time.

Highlights of Preparing for School Closures

  • Strategies to implement while school closings are looming
  • Ways to help reduce anxiety and behavior before and after school closing
  • Ideas for materials to send home for learning activities
  • Links to tools to send work for students and help families with extended time at home

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Preparing Students in Special Ed for School Closures and other unexpected closures

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