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How to Improve the Quality of Your IEP with Enabling Goals

Curriculum and Instructional Activities | May 3, 2020

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Do you write enabling IEP goals? Enabling goals can help students be more successful and give your IEP more power across the year.  They build bridges for the student to the curriculum.

Episode 36 focuses on writing enabling IEP goals that focus on how a student accesses the curriculum more than the curriculum that is taught.  Essentially, curriculum should be taught whether it’s on the IEP or not.  But the IEP should provide individualized goals that allow students to access and learn more effectively now and as they develop.

In this episode find out…

  • What exactly are enabling IEP goals
  • Why are enabling goals useful
  • How can enabling goals help you help your students
  • Examples of enabling IEP goals for all different types of students in special education
  • Download a copy of questions you can ask to determine if you have enabling goals in your IEP

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IMprove the quality of your iep with enabling goals. Autism Classroom Resources Podcast episode 36

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