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Supporting Instruction at Home in Special Education

Curriculum and Instructional Activities| Families and Coping | April 26, 2020

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As school closures continue, we all need to find manageable ways to support instruction at home for our students in special education.  I can feel and hear the stress weighing on families and educators the longer this goes on, particularly for students in special education.  

Fitting instruction into their day at home can be tough.  Especially since many parents are working from home and others are still working outside the home.  This is a long time to be trying to balance everything.  So to me, one of the most natural ways for families to teach and assure that students don’t lose their skills is to fold the skills into natural activities we would do at home.

I’ve heard from many of you, as well, that some of our students are not really enthused about having school work at home. Some engage in challenging behavior when presented with new material.  Integrating naturalistic instruction into the day may help to get around that issue as well.

Naturalistic Instruction at Home

So what is naturalistic instruction at home?  It’s building number skills into playing games. It’s building reading into cooking dinner.  It’s following a template to set the table. And it’s turn-taking with a family member in a simple game.  

To help with that, this episode focuses on 3 ways that instruction can be embedded into daily routines for families.  And 3 ways that educators can help with that process.

Highlights of Ideas for Instruction at Home

  • Ideas for games students can play at home and skills that can be easily embedded in them
  • Suggestions for functional tasks and how to facilitate learning life skills at home
  • Ideas for how educators can support families in naturalistic instruction
  • Ways to integrate instruction into daily life activities

In the podcast I talk about 2 videos that can be shared with families to demonstrate different games.

Magical Mystery Bag

Questions Game for Instruction at Home

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Supporting instruction at home in special education. autism classroom

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