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7 Ways to Get Paraprofessionals Involved in Distance Learning

Organizing & Setting Up Classrooms| Working With Staff | April 12, 2020

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As part of the school closures for COVID-19, one question that has come up frequently in the Special Educator Academy and on social media is how to involve paraprofessionals in the distance learning of your students. As part of the school closures, everybody in the country is doing something different. It’s just amazing the variety that we’re seeing. And so we are seeing some districts that are not paying paras, and paras are not expected to work. We have others where they are being paid but districts according to some teachers are not putting any expectations on them. And we have some in which the district is taking charge and saying this is what the paras will do.  There are still others where the teacher is told that they are still responsible for supervising and delegating to their paraprofessionals. And that’s the group I want to talk about today.

Highlights of Episode 33

So in Episode 33 I’ve gathered up 7 ways that paras can get involved in the distance education effort.  We have a number of situations in which districts are doing distance learning. But we also have other districts that are only doing paper and pencil.  In addition, as I spoke about in Episode 31, some districts are just doing enrichment, while others are doing graded work.  Pair that with situations in which paras may or may not have access to computers or the internet.  So it’s clear we need a variety of solutions.  I’ve got ideas that I think will cover all the bases.

I know this distance learning has had a steep learning curve for most of you.  It’s like bending your mind in a completely different direction. We need to find ways to use our resources wisely and to keep everyone who can be working from home engaged.  Hopefully, these ideas will help that work be meaningful and helpful for you.

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