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3 Ways to Get Adult Language in the Classroom on Track

Curriculum and Instructional Activities | November 1, 2020

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I talked about the importance of using adult language in the classroom in a purposeful manner to model communication for students with autism in the last episode of the podcast.  Today I am following up with a freebie to help teachers share the information with classroom staff. And I’m also sharing 3 ways that you can help all the classroom staff stay on track with adult language in the classroom.  

Communication reminders for the Classroom. 3 Ways to Get Adult Language Back on Track in the classroom with a freebiee.  Communication reminders. Poster saying Keep Calm and wait expectantly

Highlights of Episode 57

  • How adult language gets off track in the classroom and why
  • Why it’s so important to address adult language in the classroom
  • 3 ways to to help staff keep their language on track with students’ needs
  • Ways to get your staff to buy into why it’s important
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Free Download for Training and Reminding Staff

I have a free download in the resource library for you! to help with training your staff in monitoring adult language in the classroom. I’ve also included signs to post as reminders. Finally I also included a brief handout to use for training with staff. The handout gives you the tools to talk about it as a team and work on sharing feedback with each other as reminders. They have the same color scheme as my Visual Reminders for Staff, so if you use them, these will fit right in.  

Grab the Free Training Handout and Posters from the Resource Library

Communication Reminders for the Classroom for Keeping Adult's Language in the Classroom Focused on Positives: A Free Training Tool from Autism Classroom Resources

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3 Ways to Get Adult Language Back on Track in the Classroom #ACRpodcast episode 57

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