Watch your students' eyes light up with engaging tools and strategies that are practical to implement in the real-world.

The place for evidence-based practices, tips, and tools designed just for your special education classroom & caseload.

You're on a mission to reach every student.

But every year, that seems to get a little harder.

You're asked to do more with less.

The paperwork and demands seem overwhelming.

You're lacking the materials you need.

And the training you need to teach the variety of students you meet in your classroom is just not there.

Plus, no one else in your building seems to even understand the problems.

It feels like you work on an island.

But you're not alone!

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Reeve.

I help special ed staff like you connect with your students to build successful relationships, prevent challenging behavior and improve outcomes in the classroom by focusing on practical training, tips and printed or digital resources designed for the real-world classroom.

Solutions Based in Research...

but designed for real-life classrooms. Evidence-based practices don't help us if we can't implement them with the students.

More than 30 years of experience...

built into 5-minute videos, 15-minute podcasts, or printable tools designed specifically for you and your students.

Strategies Built Around Your Schedule

Everything is designed for special education and to be available when you need it. You choose what you need for your students and watch it when you want.

I've had the honor of working with special educators for more than 25 years doing training and consultation in classrooms.
Now I get to bring that expertise to you, where you are, to use with your students, through products, training, free tips and videos.

The Special Educator Academy

The Special Educator Academy is designed specifically to help build your confidence, assure you have the training you need, and, most importantly, give you the community you crave so you aren't out there going it alone.
Find your path in the Special Educator Academy
“It is simply the best resource out there for teachers who are seeking masterful guidance and a community who understands our struggles, joys, and challenges.”​
"I had never seen anything else like it! I subscribed to lots of other blogs, but this was a community that was built to support one another along with resources and development opportunities all in one.”​

Find Resources You'll Love

Reading Functional Sight Words Curriculum Bundle for Special Ed: Food Words

Imagine having all the materials you need to teach functional reading to your students in special education to promote fluent reading and comprehension of 100 food sight words. 

Behavior Data Sheets MegaPack

This huge set of behavior data sheets are designed for easy use to assess and monitor problem behavior in your classroom.

Interactive Books Seasonal Bundle

These interactive books are designed to teach vocabulary and to work for a wide range of ages for students with autism and in special education. 

Morning Meeting & Circle Time Activities for Preschool & Elementary Special Ed

This morning meeting for special education kit is just what you need to keep your preschoolers or elementary students in special education communicating and engaged with calendar time. 

“Her materials are based on what the kids need...They're easy to adapt in my classroom, even if I have to make a few changes, it's really adaptable.”

Let us help you get the joy back in teaching!

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