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How to Take Data in Circle Time and Morning Meeting

Data Collection and Analysis | January 23, 2022

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How to Take Data in Circle Time and Morning Meeting=

For a lot of special educators, data is the giant elephant in the room. It gets treated like that kind of a four-letter word when it’s not. Now I’m a huge data geek, so much so that I wrote a book about it. But I know data only helps you if it’s real, reliable, and teachable. So in this episode, I talk about how you can use data in a real classroom, with real students for group instruction.

3:14 – The key to making data collection feel less painful

4:18 – What we know about taking instructional data and how my naturalistic data sheet is set up

6:29 – How to take data on multiple points for multiple students during group activity

7:45 – Do you necessarily have to be the one to run the group activity?

9:59 – Another way to more easily record instructional data

10:23 – Tips for making instructional data collection work in your classroom

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How to Take Data in Circle Time and Morning Meeting

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