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Easy Work Task: Independent Work Inspiration

Structured Work Systems | February 17, 2021

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I love this really easy work task, that is also pretty cheap to make, for this week’s independent work inspiration. It’s a perfect one to get your task box library set up fast because it requires virtually no prep. That means no laminating and no Velcro. In addition, it helps students practice 1-1 correspondence by putting items in 1 spot using tools. So, it kind of takes 1-1 correspondence put-in tasks to the next level with tool use.

Independent Work Inspiration: Material List

  • Pom Poms (used for art and craft projects). I like the larger ones.
  • Tongs (dollar stores often have packs of 2 for $1)
  • Muffin tins (Six or 12 muffins will work depending on your student. Both are available at dollar stores.)
Independent Work Inspiration: Easy Work Task with Pom Poms and Muffin Tins

Easy Work Task with Puffs: Who is it For?

I usually use this easy work task with younger students. It’s great for students preschool and elementary age. Typically I would want students to be able to complete basic put-in tasks like blocks in a container before I introduce this one. Although this is an easy work task, the tongs and the requirement to put 1 pom pom in each muffin slot make it more complex.

Independent Work Inspiration Easy Work Task Video

Tips for This Easy Work Task

This is a pretty easy task to put together. The primary tip is to make sure that you only provide the same number of pom poms as the number of slots in the muffin tin. Otherwise, it could confuse the student if he has pieces left over that don’t fit.

Independent Work Inspiration Pom Poms and Muffin Tins

I also like to put the pom poms in a separate container. That makes it just a little more organized and clear for the students. Then they don’t have to track down stray ones.

Also, it’s also pretty easy to make it easy or more difficult by the size of the muffin tin (i.e., 6 or 12 muffins). In addition, you could use egg cartons for this instead of muffin tins. That would make it even cheaper to create.

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Independent Work Inspiration: Pom Poms and Tongs with Video Tutorial

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